Mature VS Milf: What is the difference?

Mature women have become the internet sensation of this decade. You would be hard pressed to visit an adult website and not run into mature sex pics or mature sex Gifs. Even the word MILF has become part of many people’s vocabulary. That in itself speaks volumes as to how far the lusting and popularity of older women has become. A decade ago, only a few knew what the acronym MILF actually stood for. The word was made popular by the Hollywood teen movie series American Pie.

MILF refers to a mom you would like to fuck, thus the acronym. Now, the word MILF is synonymous with older hot and sexy women. It is also the best way for people to find sex pictures of mature women.  At the same time this was happening, mature women began to appear in dating websites and other venues. They were no longer afraid to be seen on the prowl looking for younger males to date. These women were then given the name ‘Cougars.’ This was in reference to them being on the prowl hunting guys who were far younger than them. Older women actually relished the cougar tag they received. Many of them wore the label proudly and it led to even more older women coming out.

Within a short time, more Mobile apps and websites dedicated to finding and meeting cougars, milfs and older women sprouted. In truth, younger guys were all too happy to be the object of a cougar’s desire. The young men wanted to be hunted, taken and devoured by an older woman. Dating an older woman and having sex with her, was a fantasy most young men wanted part of. The reality is that many men – especially younger males – spend a great deal of time searching for mature sex GIFS and MILF sex pics online. They already have a thing for MILFS and countless of men masturbate daily to mature sex pics and MILF pics.

There are some out there who think that the MILFS and Cougars are the same thing. But that is not the case since there are several differences between them.  One of the most glaring differences between a cougar and a milf is what the acronym actually stands for. A MILF refers to a mom or an older woman who has children. This all goes back to how the word was used originally in the mainstream film. It was one of characters in the movie who became obsessed with his best friend’s older mother. For any young teens or young adults who have friends with a hot or sexy mom, the MILF factor applies. In some cases, a MILF can be as young as 25, depending on the person who desires her. Or thinks she’s a mom they would like to have sex with.

On the other hand, a cougar is a mature woman who is at least 40 years or older. These women want younger males and they are on the prowl for them. To a cougar, young males are the prey which they want to devour. So while guys may be after a MILF, cougars are the ones hunting the guys. Yet most young males will gladly stay still and let a cougar munch and gobble them down. These young adults actually spend hours looking at mature sex pics and animated MILF sex gifs anyway.

Another interesting point about a cougar or mature woman to keep in mind, is the dating factor. Some of the cougars who are out there, are not looking for a relationship. To them, they simply desire a younger man who will satisfy them sexually. That could be for a one-night stand or a few months. Cougars realize that most men their age are not what they are looking for. These men are generally out of shape. Also, they tend to view women who are strong and independent in a threatening manner. Men the about the same ages of a cougar take them for granted and will not appreciate them like younger guys do. It is because of these factors that cougars are only interested in younger adults.

The websites which cater to mature sex pics and MILF animated GIFS are mostly visited by young men. Or at least males who are generally younger than the women whose sex pics they are viewing. Fact is that mature sex pics, MILF sex pics and animated MILF GIFS are very popular. Not just with young teens, but men and women of all ages alike. These people who view MILF sex pics, videos and animated MILF sex GIFS images fantasize about them. As they drool and masturbate to these MILF sex pics, they dream of having one someday.

On the other hand, mature women or cougars, are out there looking for these men. That is the most glaring difference between a milf and a mature woman or a cougar. The best bet for guys who view mature porn pics is to find a cougar of their own. That way, all parties involved will be satisfied.