The Pros and Cons Of Dating an Older Woman

It becomes so common for some men to venture out older women. Why not? Female cougars have reasonable qualities that will excite younger guys. While they are physically active and naturally attracted to men who are 10 years younger than them, not every cougar is seeking a young sexual partner, most are for a real relationship. Moreover, you shouldn’t disregard the potential downsides that come with dating older ladies.

So, if you’re planning to date an older woman, you should press your mental pause button for now and know these pros and cons first;

The Pros

They Don’t Get Easily Jealous

Since they are confident and less insecure, cougars don’t easily get jealous. She will treat you and others with respect. Most amazingly, she can handle herself with class even if she’s mad or not in a good mood.

They Are More Experience In The Bedroom

Nothing is more appealing to most men than women who are well-experienced in bed. They know how or when to use their body parts and the moves or positions they can perform are probably different than the usual. Not only they are great between the sheets, but they know what they want.

They Can Manage Their Priorities And Finances Well

Young women have priorities and still need to get their careers running. Not when you date an older woman. Though older women have priorities, they already are successful and financially independent and aren’t just so focused on their careers and work. Thus, they’ll understand your priorities and career goals as well.

They Hate Dramas

Because they have experienced a lot of ups and downs in life and get used to different situations, they rather choose to spend their time on a more important matter than waste it over non sense things or too much drama. Moreover, when you commit a mistake, they are likely to be forgiving and accepting.

The Cons

Less Chance Of Getting Pregnant

When she reaches her 40s or her menopausal stage, her chances to become pregnant dramatically decreases. If having a child is not a big deal to you, dating a cougar is something you can consider. But be reminded that along with menopausal periods are unpredictable mood swings and anxiety.

She Might Have Some Issues About Her Past

Most of them have commitment issues. You might discover some issues about her ex-husband, children from other husband or parent’s disapproval, all these things do affect what and how she is today. These are emotional baggages that may get too much for a younger man to handle.

You May Have Different Goals

As a young man, your goal is probably to graduate as a college student, get your first professional job and buy what you want. Your goals and her goals may not match. Her goal may be is to advance in her career, retire in a few years or settle down. Research suggests that couples of the same age are more likely to have compatible goals.

Dating someone younger or older certainly can work. Nevertheless, before diving into such a relationship, every younger man must be aware of the above pros and cons.

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